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A practical guide for protecting your legacy.

Christian S. Kelso, author

Building Your Castle is a practical, step-by-step guide for avoiding the in-fighting, heartache, and financially devastating probate litigation that often breaks families apart when a patriarch dies or becomes disabled.  By adapting techniques long used by the uber-rich, Christian shows how families of any size can preserve their wealth and their wellbeing.

In the book you’ll learn:

How to avoid costly, and heartbreaking, disputes in the courtroom and the living room

How to anticipate and avoid the “Family Power Vacuum”

How and when to talk to children about family finances

How to use the legal tools that preserve and transfer wealth

How to incorporate children and their spouses into a family business

How to recognize, encourage, and leverage your family members' strengths

How to set goals as a family and plan for contingencies

Throughout the book, Christian incorporates compelling examples from his own career and personal life, as well as elements from history and philosophy to provide a greater depth of understanding. His quirky, academic, and fun style turn a subject most people find boring and difficult into something approachable, enlightening, and easy to learn.

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