Christian S. Kelso, Esq. is a Dallas attorney practicing in the areas of estate planning, wealth preservation and transfer, probate, tax, and transactional corporate law. He has counseled both the rich and famous and the not so famous. His approach is simple: Find practical, cost-effective solutions that avoid costly, and often heartbreaking disputes in both the courtroom and the living room. Throughout his career, Christian has been dedicated to making the law work for his clients and their families.


A native of Dallas, Christian attended both St. Mark’s School of Texas and the University of Texas, then earned both his J.D. and his LL.M. in taxation from Southern Methodist University. Christian now lives in North Texas and is active in the community, sitting on charitable boards and other governing bodies. He speaks German and Spanish fluently, and enjoys traveling the world with his wife and two children.


by Christian S. Kelso, Esq.

Building Your Castle is a practical, step-by-step guide for avoiding the in-fighting, heartache, and financially devastating probate litigation that often breaks families apart when a patriarch dies or becomes disabled. By adapting techniques long used by the uber-rich, Christian shows how families of any size can preserve their wealth and their wellbeing.

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