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"Everyone has heard a story of how a family came to blows over a contested inheritance. Christian Kelso's book helps you avoid this kind of family tragedy."

~ Beck Weathers, M.D., Climber & Author


A practical guide for protecting your legacy.

Christian S. Kelso, author

Building Your Castle is a practical, step-by-step guide for avoiding the in-fighting, heartache, and financially devastating probate litigation that often breaks families apart when a patriarch dies or becomes disabled. By adapting techniques long used by the uber-rich, Christian shows how families of any size can preserve their wealth and their wellbeing.  

Christian S. Kelso, author




"Families need teamwork, engagement, and cultural identity just like businesses do.  Christian's techniques teach families to develop these skills just like my coaching does for business leaders."

~ Jason Treu, Chief People Officer and Executive Coach


"This book is a fantastic resource for navigating rough waters between family members when life and law collide."

~ Jeremy Anderson, Family Lawyer and Cast Member of ABC’s The Bachelorette

"A must read for adult children and their ageing parents. Very well written, easy to follow despite being a heady subject. Truly wish I had this book as a guideline for conversation with my father before he passed.  I could have made things much easier for the family."

~ Dr. Alisa Rich, CEO of Wipe Out Kids' Cancer

Christian S. Kelso, Esq. is a Dallas attorney practicing in the areas of estate planning, wealth preservation and transfer, probate, tax, and transactional corporate law. He has counseled both the rich and famous and the not so famous...

Christian S. Kelso, author
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